Home Treatment For Acne

Home treatment for acne means managing your own acne treatment without consulting a doctor. Home treatment may involve using over-the-counter acne medicine, natural acne remedies or acne alternative treatments. In many cases it means managing acne not with proactive acne treatments, but instead using an appropriate acne skin care regime and allowing the acne time to resolve naturally.

Why is it 'Home' Treatment for Acne?

'At home acne treatment' or 'home treatment for acne' are strange phrases to use for self-managed acne, as they imply that the alternative to 'home acne treatment' is acne treatment that doesn't take place at home The alternative to 'home acne treatment' is not jetting off to some exotic acne clinic abroad - perhaps jetting off to some exotic acne clinic abroad, or being treated as a hospital inpatient on a dermatology ward. The alternative to 'at home acne treatment' is simply acne treatment overseen by a doctor. Whether or not a doctor is involved, acne treatment is almost invariably self-administered by the patient and so usually takes place at home. Indeed, very few acne patients ever have to visit hospital to consult a dermatologist (a doctor who specialises in skin diseases) and of these, only a tiny fraction actually receive their acne treatment at the hospital, either as an inpatient or an outpatient. However, 'home treatment for acne' or 'at home acne treatment' are the generally accepted terms for acne treatment without medical involvement, so we'll stick with them.

Advantages of Home Treatment for Acne

The main advantage of home treatment for acne is that the acne sufferer retains complete control over all aspects of acne management. It is the acne sufferer, not a doctor, who decides:

For many teenage acne patients, the overriding advantage of home treatment for acne will be that they don't have to see a doctor. This means avoiding a tedious, perhaps confrontational, medical consultation and possibly the added indignity of an intimate physical examination. Doctors have an amazing capacity to rub their teenage patients up the wrong way! Paradoxically, many teenage acne sufferers are much more assiduous about maintaining their acne treatment regime and monitoring their condition if they retain control over their acne management and don't involve a doctor.

Disadvantages of Home Acne Treatment

There are disadvantages to home acne treatment, some of which may force an acne sufferer to consult a doctor, even against his better judgment. Potential problems associated with home acne treatment include the following: