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The Acne Control website offers acne sufferers information, help and advice on the prevention and treatment of acne. The site is also an invaluable resource for their friends and family, who may be struggling to appreciate both the physical and emotional trauma that the condition causes and so failing to provide appropriate support.

Acne Control

Acne is an unpleasant and unsightly skin condition recognised by the presence of characteristic spots on affected areas of skin. Acne develops most commonly on the face, but it may affect the back, chest, genitals or other areas of the body. Acne sufferers should control their acne, rather than letting acne control their livesAll too often, the effects of the condition come to dominate the sufferer's life. People who develop acne may become withdrawn, socially isolated or, in rare cases, seriously psychologically disturbed. The biggest barriers to the effective treatment of both the physical and emotional effects of acne are a lack of understanding and fear of the condition. The ethos of the Acne Control website is that acne sufferers should control their acne, rather than letting acne control their lives. It's often easier to quote these mantras than to live by them, but it can be done.

Understanding Acne

The first step towards conquering acne is to gain an understanding of the condition. People who understand the causes of acne and mechanism by which it damages the skin are most likely to choose an appropriate treatment regime and persist with it. This will ensure the fastest recovery with the least likelihood of complications. The acne information section answers two key questions, What is acne? and What causes acne? Grasp these two essentials concepts, and get to grips with the somewhat confusing issue of the different types of acne, and you are well placed to make informed decisions about how your condition should be managed.

Acne Treatment

'Making decisions about acne treatment is never easy' captioning a photograph of a scared looking teenage acne sufferer

Except in cases of the very mildest forms of acne, or the most phlegmatic of individuals, acne sufferers will inevitably start thinking about whether they should begin some form of treatment regime. This raises all sorts of difficult questions. Is treatment always necessary? Will over the counter acne medication clear the condition effectively? Should I book an immediate appointment with a doctor, risking the indignity and embarrassment that might bring? The acne treatment section of the site provides details of the acne treatments which are currently available and points out the advantages and disadvantages of each approach to treatment. Deciding on the best course of action isn't easy. It is it important that you have access to impartial information about which treatments are effective and which might cause side effects. Making the wrong choices about your acne treatment can be far worse than deciding not to treat it at all.

Doctors and Acne

Two of the most frequent complaints levelled against the medical profession are a tendency to treat diseases rather than patients and a failure to communicate effectively. The reality is that most doctors are extremely overworked. Much as they would love to spend half an hour or more with an acne sufferer explaining everything about their condition, its causes and the pros and cons of different treatments, they simply don't have the time. Some doctors don't think acne is a very sexy disease and keep acne patients at arms length Add to this the fact that acne isn't considered by some doctors to be a sexy disease - not life threatening, very common and rather messy to examine - and you'll begin to understand why some doctors keep their acne patients at arms length and why some acne sufferers feel that they are treated like second class citizens. The Acne Control website will provide you with the essential information and advice about acne which your doctor would probably tell you if they had the time, all presented in language which is clear and easy to understand. Armed with this information, you will be able to communicate intelligently with your doctor or pharmacist about your treatment - often the first step to being taken seriously - and argue you corner effectively if you disagree with them about aspects of your management.

Health Warning

The information about the management of acne contained in the Acne Control website is provided in good faith and accords with current medical practice in the United Kingdom. The site provides only general information and guidance on acne management, which should not be construed as constituting specific medical, diagnostic, or acne treatment advice. The Terms of Use and Disclaimer delineate respectively the terms and conditions to which all users must agree before accessing the Acne Control website and the limits of the website owner's legal liability to it users...